Tough Mothers premium bundle


Tough Mothers book (autographed + exclusive dust jacket + bookmark)

Note: this is a prose book with illustrations, and not the comic entries (those we are still working out the publishing rights for). Click on the pictures for previews of the inside.

Fifty chapters, 300+ citations, 300 pages - this is the mother lode. Upwards of 60% of this book is not on the web in any shape or form. Each chapter comes with content warnings and a maturity rating, and the book is arranged to go from PG, to PG-13, to a handful of R-rated entries at the back.

Order from here and you can get your own personalized copy, signed by the author, complete with a sketch to go with!

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To whom should I dedicate the book? (write “no dedication” for no dedication)


I’m happy to draw a little black-and-white sketch in your book – just write what you want to be sketched! (write “no sketch” if you don’t want anything; write “artist’s choice” to leave it up to me. if you want something very specific that requires photo reference, email it to… please nothing too crazy complex, though!)

Tough Mothers enamel pin

A beautiful enamel pin of the "molotov baby bottle" alternate cover design! Looks great on shirts. Has a fabulous backing card.

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Tough Mother sticker

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Tough Mother logo sticker

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Molotov bottle sticker

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Get an autographed copy of Tough Mothers, along with a special dust jacket, an enamel pin, bookmark, and three stickers — and save some money in doing so!


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