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Note: this is a prose book with illustrations, and not the comic entries (those we are still working out the publishing rights for). Click on the pictures for previews of the inside.

Fifty chapters, 300+ citations, 300 pages – this is the mother lode. Upwards of 60% of this book is not on the web in any shape or form. Each chapter comes with content warnings and a maturity rating, and the book is arranged to go from PG, to PG-13, to a handful of R-rated entries at the back.

Order from here and you can get your own personalized copy, signed by the author, complete with a sketch to go with!

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The second volume of Rejected Princesses is here! And this time, it’s all about moms.

Buying the book through this site will get you an exclusive alternate cover dust jacket with a “molotov baby bottle” design, and a Tough Mothers bookmark.

Mothers possess the “maternal instinct”—an innate fierceness that drives them to nurture, safeguard, fight, and sacrifice for the most important things that matter to them. For some mothers, it’s their children. For others, it’s artistic expression, invention, social cause, or even a nation that they helped to birth. In concise, deeply researched vignettes, accompanied by charming illustrations, this book illuminates 50 fearsome women, explores their lives, and pays tribute to their accomplishments. Here are famous women as well as lesser known figures from around the globe who have left their indelible mark as they changed the course of history, including:

  • The Mother Who Sued to Save Her Children from Slavery—Sojourner Truth
  • The Mother of Rock n’ Roll—Sister Rosetta Tharpe
  • The Mother of Holocaust Children—Irena Sendler
  • The Mothers of The Dominican Republic—The Mirabal Sisters
  • The Mother of Yemen’s Golden Age—Arwa al-Sulayhi

For a full list of who’s in the book, click here.

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